EBM Rapports 

How to Make Better Decisions

A EBM rapport will provide you with an answer to a predetermined question based upon the best available evidence from the 4 central sources of information used in the EBM process. 

- Practitioners

- Scientific literature

- Stakeholders and

- Organizational data

Information from these sources combined with Bayes theorem will estimate the likelihood for a question/hypothesis is supported or not by the procured evidence.   

Research Reviews

- Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses

Specific Input to the Decision Process 

The purpose of a systematic review (SR) is, to sum up the best available research on a specific question. A systematic review refers to the process of systematically locating and collating all available information on an effect using a transparent procedure. 


Meta-analysis refers to the statistical techniques used to combine this information to give an overall estimate of the effect in the population.

Together, systematic reviews and meta-analyses can help to clarify the state of a field of research, determine whether an effect is constant across studies, and discover what future studies are required to demonstrate the effect.

- Rapid Evidence Assessments (REA)

- Critically Appraised Topics (CAT)

Rapid Evidence Assessments (REA) and Critically Appraised Topics (CAT) have the same purpose as SR but are both lighter versions of a sytematic review. (CAT the lightest) These types of reviews can be used when time and/or resources are constrained. 


Learn How to Improve Your Decision Process

Evidence-based management isn’t just a list of techniques that you can memorize, mimic, and install. It is a perspective for traveling through organizational life, a way of thinking about what you and your company know and what you don’t know, what is working and isn’t, and what to try next.

See the course descriptions to find the right course

- Introduction to EMB

What is EBM and How Can it Improve My Company/Organization

An introduction of EBM to

- Board members

- Top management

- Mid level management

- New leaders

What can it be used for and how can it help your organization to improve the company's competitive advantage.

Work Shops

- Implementing EBM in the Organisation 

How Can We as an Organisation Work With EBM

As mentioned earlier evidence-based management is a perspective for traveling through organizational life.

Master Classes and Seminars


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