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Since our inception, CAIDEMA 

has been focused on delivering education, training, analysis and  high quality research rapports to help companies enhance their performance.

CAIDEMA is Centre for Evidence-based Management in Denmark and is able to facilitate a global independent network of researchers, academics, practitioners, consultants and other people interested in managerial issues.


CAIDEMA and its contributors work together to produce reliable Systematic Reviews (SR), Rapid Evidence Assesments (REA's) and  Critically Appraised Topics (CAT's) of the highest quality. Through these rapports Caidema inform, educate and train clients of the best way to approach and solve performance related managerial issues. 


Anders McIlquham-Schmidt

Founder -  M.Sc.(Econ.) Ph.D. HD.

I have for several years now been interested in explaining "why some companies perform better than others?"  Evidence Based Management (EBM) and Systematic Reviews + Meta-analyses are excellent ways of navigating in the managerial jungle and separate the wheat from the chaff in relation to "What Works" in terms of improving corporate performance.

Jesper McIlquham Schmidt

Partner, Senior Advisor M.Sc.(Econ.) HD.

Gunnar Sumberg

Partner, Senior Advisor, M.Sc.(Econ) 

Experienced in executive managerial positions CIO, CSO, CMO, CHR with several years in management consulting. Focused in successful business development using market analysis, strategic planning and organizational behavioral design. Managing evidence based data in compliance with basic customer behavior. + 25 years in Big Data management, Coach, Instructor, Examiner Copenhagen Business School in Strategy and Management.

I have been in the IT industry for most of my life with positions as e.g. Sales director or CEO for companies like Dell, Tech data, Jobindex, Tandlægernes Data, and more. Furthermore, I have been teaching sales, business start-ups, and innovation at CBS. For the last 8 years, I have held speeches on the human brain and human behavior, focusing on performance and mind control in combination with facts and evidence.

Personal Data Policy

1. Purpose of the Personal Data Policy

1.1 The purpose of Caidema's privacy policy is to explain how Caidema processes, including collects, discloses, protects, uses and provides access to personal data.


1.2 This Privacy Policy covers Caidema's processing of personal data that is collected about customers and suppliers when registered with Caidema, including in connection with sales, administration, use of the Company's website and registration.


1.3 This Privacy Policy also deals with the processing of personal data that Caidema's business partners may exchange with Caidema on a legal basis.


2. Definition

2.1 Personal data means information of any kind that can be used to identify a natural person, including, but not limited to, name, social security number, address and contact information, as well as information about inquiries with Caidema in connection with sales and customer dialogue.


3. What personal data does Caidema collect

3.1 Caidema uses personal data to conduct consultancy and consultancy activities, including in order to carry out the actions and actions necessary to make tenders, enter into agreements and carry out general consultancy activities. Of personal data, Caidema usually collects only name, address and telephone number. Caidema does not collect special personal information, including health and social information.


3.2 Caidema may only collect personal data to the necessary and justified extent.


4. How to collect and record Caidema personal data

4.1 Caidema collects personal data when registering with Caidema, including when the company website is used by contact.

4.2 Caidema may also collect relevant personal data from partners.

4.3 When personal data is registered, the data subject will receive information on:

  • the identity of the data controller

  • the purpose that justifies the processing of personal data

  • the legal basis for collecting personal data

  • information on any recipients of the information

  • the criteria for how long personal data is maintained

  • other rights under the Personal Data Regulation, including 1) the right to access 2) the right to correct factual information 3) the right to "be forgotten" 4) the right to require data processing 5) the right to object to direct marketing 6 ) ban on profiling 7) the right to data portability.


5. Disclosure of personal data

5.1 Caidema may not disclose or sell personal data to third parties. However, Caidema may disclose personal data in the following cases:


5.2 Caidema has obtained the necessary written consent for this;

5.3 Caidemaer needs to disclose personal data in order to provide the product or service requested by the data subject;

5.4 If Caidema is to respond to subpoenas etc. or take other legal action;

5.5 Caidema finds that actions using Caidema's products or services are contrary to its terms of use and provided that Caidema has a legitimate interest in countering this use, which exceeds the customer's interest in not disclosing personal data .

5.6 Caidema is required to disclose personal data under the law, e.g. to authority.


6. Cookies

6.1 Caidema uses cookies.


7. Editing and deleting personal data

7.1 Upon request, the data subject has the right to have incorrect personal data edited and deleted if the conditions for deletion are met, including that the personal data in question is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected.

7.2 Caidema may not delete personal data until Caidema is entitled to do so under applicable law, including the Accounting Act, which requires that accounting information be kept for 5 years.


8. Insight

8.1 Caidema shall at all times, at the request of the data subject, disclose what information Caidema has registered about the person, for what purpose and to whom personal data can be disclosed and when they are deleted.

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