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Cognitive biases and behaviour

BOOK REVIEW - A quick, informal view of many of the cognitive biases, behaviors, & other glitches that keep us from being the rational beings we believe we are. Each chapter is brief explanation of what brain glitch is being covered. You probably know many of them but (for me) some were also new and it is nice to have them explained and the old ones refreshed with good examples.

It's interesting how & why many of these evolved plus how they're playing out in modern society. Many are used to trick us by advertising, political candidates, & others. Many of these are necessary to even function, but have disastrous consequences when out of hand. Others are just a pain that we have to watch for.

The introduction describes the reason for these. We evolved in a completely different environment that we have created for ourselves now. Snap judgments & prejudices that once saved our lives are now causing issues. The primitive, emotional parts of our brains often come to conclusions that we can't articulate. Sometimes we're influenced by them, other times we can override them, but it can lead to dissonances. Of course, hormones & unconscious senses can factor in. It's amazing we're as rational as we are, which isn't very.

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