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IATA facilitated the creation of an intl. working group for Evidence Based Training of Flight crews

In response, to conduct the strategic review of airline pilot training, commencing with the recurrent training element. The international working group comprised Civil Aviation Authorities, academic institutions, aircraft original equipment manufacturers, airlines, international organizations, pilot representative bodies

and training organizations. The international working group established a new methodology for the development and conduct of a recurrent training and assessment programme, titled Evidence-based Training (EBT), which is fully described in this manual. The aim of this programme is to identify, develop and evaluate the competencies required to operate safely, effectively and efficiently in a commercial air transport environment whilst addressing the most relevant threats according to evidence collected in accidents, incidents, flight operations and training. This document is intended to enable the implementation of more effective training to improve operational safety. Additionally, and recognizing the criticality of competent instructors in any training programme. The manual provides specific additional guidance on the required qualifications of instructors delivering EBT.

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