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Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme

The programme provides you with diverse insights and perspectives on the ethical, legal, and social considerations around AI so that you’re equipped to critically appraise AI technologies. It also introduces you to AI mechanics and subdisciplines, including the different types of machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks. While you won’t be

expected to code, you'll still get the opportunity to learn about this field and develop a foundational understanding of how the technologies work. Ultimately, you’ll assess all the opinions surrounding AI, and then be encouraged to develop your own views about its potential uses in industry and society as a whole, culminating in a business case for the implementation of AI in your organisation.

This programme forms part of the Oxford Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Series and the Oxford Artificial Intelligence in Trading Series from Oxford Saïd, where you can sign up for two programmes at a reduced rate and at dates of your choosing. You’ll also earn an additional certificate upon successful completion of both programmes.

University of Oxford, Said Business School

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