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When reality lose

Lessons from the Twentieth Century

In light of what is happening in the United States, Timothy Snyder wrote a relevant book in 2017 (On Tyrany: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century) in which he looks at coincidences with the then president of the United States and other comparable leaders in the 20 ' end of the century, as well as their use of misinformation, disinformation and propaganda.

Believe in truth.

Pierre Collignon wrote in 2018 (Back to reality: The fight against fake news, lies and manipulations) about the post-factual society. Excerpt from book. "Did fake news decide the 2016 US presidential election? Will Russian manipulation affect the next Danish election? We live in a time where it is difficult to tell the difference between true and false, and where a vital debate about fake news, fake data has become entangled in false notions and misunderstandings. ”

Fake News: When reality lose

Vincent F. Hendricks and Mads Vestergaard wrote in (2017) the book Fake News: When reality loses. Excerpts “Today the media is flooded with distortions and distortions. The first step in curbing that development is to understand what is causing it. In FAKE NEWS, Vincent F. Hendricks and Mads Vestergaard explain in an easy-to-understand way how the economy of attention of politicians, in the media and among citizens can lead to a post-factual democracy, in which fairy tales replace facts as a basis for political debate and legislation. ”

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